SB24-106: Right to Remedy Construction Defects 

SB24-106: Right to Remedy Construction Defects, is by far the most consequential Housing bill of the year. The bill aims to address the issue of allowing contractors and subcontractors to remedy any defects that may be found in a housing unit. The passage of this bill will allow for more entry-level housing to be built across Colorado, think condos and townhomes. For perspective, people who would benefit from more condo and townhome inventory would be young professionals, seniors, front-line workers (Police Officers, Firefighters, Nurses, Military Personnel), teachers, and small families. This bill will be heard on March 5th at the Senate Local Government & Housing Committee. Please consider providing testimony at this important meeting. 


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A list of all legislators and their contact information can be found here: leg.colorado.gov


Accessory Dwelling Unit Legislation Update

On June 9, 2020, the city council passed an ADU Ordinance, allowing a second unit of housing on lots in single-family zones. By allowing more types of housing in more places, this is a step in the right direction towards solving our affordable housing crisis. There are many restrictions still in place, however. Without going through a public process, property owners can create an attached, second unit as long as the total number of people in the two units fit the city’s definition of a family (5 unrelated persons, or any number of related persons). If the inhabitants of the units exceed that definition, the property owner will have to get a conditional use permit – a slightly less burdensome process than before. Here is the link to the updated version of the ordinance. If we want to provide more affordable housing options citywide, we will need to loosen some of these restrictions for ADUs in the coming years.


It has been over 20 years since Colorado Springs took a comprehensive look at its zoning code, meaning much of it is now outdated. As such, the city has hired Clarion Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in city planning and zoning, to re-examine the code and make recommendations that city council will ultimately consider, revise as they see fit, and vote on. Clarion will use the city’s comprehensive plan, public input, direction from city council, experience from other cities, and perceived need to draft their recommendations.

The firm will be releasing three modules in total, or drafted sections of the plan, with the entire draft to be presented to city council in December of 2020. There will be opportunities for public input in July and October of 2020, on Modules 2 and 3. It is imperative that our zoning code allow for more affordable housing options throughout our city, and this is a prime opportunity to make that possible.

For more details see a summary of Retool, and follow the Colorado Springs Pro-Housing Partnership on Facebook (@ColoradoSpringsProHousingPartnership) or Twitter (@COSPHP) to stay up to date.

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Contact your city council members today to let them know you care about affordable housing in Colorado Springs. A list of city council members and their contact information can be found here: coloradosprings.gov/city-council


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