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Who is affected by the Housing Affordability Crisis? 

Economically, the more a household has to spend on housing the less money they have to spend on other products and services that contribute to their quality of life and support the entire community. This affects families and individuals throughout our community, including nurses, policemen, teachers, firefighters, grocery store clerks, and many other essential workers that support the Pikes Peak Region. 

Housing costs typically take precedence over other staples such as food, transportation, and medical care. These factors lead to less community prosperity and individual wellness while simultaneously increasing trauma. Ultimately, this downward spiral leads to less stable housing conditions for our workforce, families, and neighborhoods.

From an environmental perspective, a lack of affordable housing options pushes our community members to housing further from where they work. This creates congestion on our roads and increased pollution, which damages the environment that the Pikes Peak Region cherishes. 

Especially in this pandemic era, the Pikes Peak Region must intentionally pursue a healthier community for all its residents through policies to ensure that people from all walks of life can find an affordable, quality place to live.

Note: Pikes Peak Housing Network is previously known as the Affordable Housing Collaborative. 
Become an Advocate 

There are many things you can do to advocate for housing affordability! Check out our educational page with quick ways to get in tune with your communities policies, legislation, and resources.  

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