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  • Look for opportunities to invest in community impact funds to help increase housing affordability in the Pikes Peak Region
  • Advocate for legislation that can make a difference – find and contact your local legislators here.
  • Utilize tax benefits through 1031 exchanges, donation of land, etc.
  • Approach owners of vacant land with a vision for using the land for housing affordability 
  • Plan and/or participate in neighborhood meetings to further educate the community about our housing affordability crisis
  • Be aware of public agencies, school districts, hospitals, universities, and religious organizations that may have surplus property and may be persuaded to joint venture with for-profit or nonprofit developers to create housing affordability. 

  • Sign up for our newsletter to stay connected and learn about in-person events and discussions surrounding housing affordability. 


Housing Colorado

Housing Colorado is the voice and action for housing affordability in the state of Colorado. They are an industry resource for all aspects of housing affordability, including professional advocacy, issues expertise, and networking opportunities. 

Learn more about what you can do to advocate for housing affordability issues in the state of Colorado at Housing Colorado

Colorado Springs Pro-Housing Partnership

Their mission is to mobilize the diverse communities within Colorado Springs who support taking the necessary steps to deal with the housing affordability crisis.  They believe these voices represent a majority of the city, and they seek to represent that reality to local elected officials. Follow their YouTube channel for more informational content.

Local Contact is:  Elam Boockvar-Klein,

Innovations in Aging Collaborative (IIAC)

IIAC’s Age Friendly Colorado Springs project mission is to create a strategic plan for our community to become an age-friendly city that is welcoming and open to citizens of all ages and encourages a maximum quality of life.  

Local Contact is:  Claire Anderson,,  Innovations In Aging 

Colorado Springs Faith Table

This advocacy group focused on housing affordability can be found on Facebook in a private group.

Local Contact:  You can contact this group to get involved here.


Advocate For Legislation That Can Make a Difference



Visit our resources page to see reports on cities similar to Colorado Springs around the United States and how they have approached the issue of housing affordability, along with research conducted by the PPHN on local and state findings. 

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