Existing Affordable Housing Units

This list is provided for information purposes only by the Pikes Peak Housing Network, and may not be fully comprehensive.

Senior affordable housing options are listed below along with affordable housing apartment complexes throughout Colorado Springs for eligible households. 

Please contact the resources listed to inquire regarding the current status and availability.

ApartmentAddressPhone #
ALTA MIRA APTS2210 Sky View Lane(719) 578-8073
ARBOR POINTE2503 Hancock Expressway(719) 632-7708
AVIATOR APTS1670 N Murray(719) 400-6777
BIRCHWOOD VILLAGE APTS3618 E Uintah(719) 596-2156
BRISTOL SQUARE APTS1506 Yuma St(719) 633-8495
CHESTNUT GLEN TOWNHOMES6490 Yvonne Way(719) 592-9717
CONSTITUTION SQUARE APTS7230 Constitution Sq. Hts 573-1600(719) 573-1600
COPPER CREEK APTS4980 Copper Springs View(719) 473-4000
COTTONWOOD TERRACE2864 Dublin Blvd(719) 599-9133
CREEKSIDE AT NORWOOD7219 Little Timber Grove(719) 590-7400
EAGLEVIEW APTS1803 Prairie Rd(719) 471-7863
FIR TREE APTS3835 Radiant Dr(719) 596-3232
FOUNTAIN SPRINGS APTS4325 Fountain Springs Grove(719) 591-4600
FREEDOM SPRINGS734 Western Dr(719) 559-5990
GALLEY MANOR APTS3005 # Galley Rd(719) 465-1439
GARDEN PINES4424 N Chestnut St(719) 272-4220
GREENTREE VILLAGE APTS3562 N Carefree Cir(719) 597-3554
GRECCIO HOUSING1808 West Colorado Ave(719) 475-1422
HAMPTON VILLAGE1605 Hampton South(719) 540-0639
HEATHERWOOD CLUB APTS3741 Oro Blanco(719) 597-4521
HILLSIDE POINTE APTS905 Hillside Ridge Pt(719) 471-9200
LAURA SINE REALTOR RENTALSMust call for address(719) 667-4343 
LINCOLN SPRINGS APTS1170 So Chelton Rd(719) 636-1641
LYNMAR APTS2750 Vickers Dr(719) 266-0262
MALLARD MEADOWS3040 Mallard Dr(719) 630-8045
MAYFAIR APTS120 E Platt(719) 475-0129
PALO VERDE APTS175 North Murray Blvd(719) 592-9717
ROCKY MOUNTAIN2812 E. Bijou Street(719) 475-1422
ROSEMONT AT SHADOW MTN220 Shadow Ridge Grove(719) 575-0005
SHADOW WOOD CHALET APTS6491 Yvonne Way(719) 592-9717
STETSON MEADOWS APTS6205 Mustang Meadow Pt(719) 591-4700
SUMMIT CREEK APTS1960 South Chelton(719) 597-5972
THE LELARAY APTS2115 Lelaray St(719) 630-7075
TOWNHOUSE APTS3125 Fountain Blvd(719) 630-1128
WHITNEY YOUNG MANOR APTS2129 Delta Dr(719) 591-0826
WIND RIVERS PLACE919 N 19th St(719) 632-3440
WINFIELD APTS6134 Romley Pt(719) 380-1580
YUMA COURT TOWNHOMES825 Yuma St(719) 272-4220
LAKE VIEW APTS610 & 710 S Union(719) 475-0129
LAUREL GARDEN APTS3140 Mallard Dr(719) 227-7162
PIKES PEAK TOWERS1912 East Lake Blvd(719) 632-1556
SILVERCREST I & II824 Yuma St & 904 Yuma St(719) 389-0329 / (719) 475-2045
VILLAS AT SOUTHGATE1810 S Corona Ave(719) 632-7444

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