By Austin Sack

(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Colorado Springs City Council has denied an appeal against an affordable housing complex set to be built in the Briargate area, near Union Boulevard and North Powers Boulevard. Some community members who live nearby are opposed to the project and said they are ready to take the decision to court.

On Monday, Feb. 26, City Council voted 6-1 to deny the appeal, which now approves the more than 200-unit apartment complex in the Pine Creek neighborhood. Many community members raised concerns over the increased traffic the Royal Pine Apartments could bring, while those in support believe all housing is good housing.

The apartment complex would provide 232-units of housing to the area. The developer, DBG Properties, said the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment would be around $1,100. The City’s Planning Commission approved the concept and development plan last month, but neighbors appealed that decision.

“We bought in that area because we did not want to be near apartments,” said Stephen Parrish, a concerned neighbor. “We wanted to have a community that was developed and wouldn’t be plopped on with a bunch of apartments. We are very concerned about emergency evacuation and traffic in this area.”

New proposed apartments in Briargate area receive pushback

29 community members spoke in opposition of the project. One area of concern is the traffic circle used by many neighbors on Royal Pine Drive. Traffic simulations ran by community members showed the circle becoming gridlocked in the event of an evacuation.

Nine people spoke in favor of the project. They believe the north side of the city is lacking in affordable housing options.

“Currently our region faces over a 12,000-housing unit deficit,” said Devan Camacho, Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC Manager of Government Affairs. “The Chamber & EDC, along with its partners, believe that all housing is good housing, and we must find innovative ways to close this gap.”

A member of the Pikes Peak Housing Network also spoke Monday in favor of the project and its location.

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