Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Happy 2024 from Pikes Peak Housing Network. I have now been leading this new organization for over two months and I’m excited about the great work being accomplished towards increasing the supply of affordable and attainable housing in the Pikes Peak region. Many leaders are working to build housing, improve our local and state laws to reduce the cost to develop housing, and fighting for the basic private property rights that encourage more housing development throughout our city and region.

I have come alongside these leaders to ensure our community members and local and state elected leaders support good housing policy and local housing projects that will provide diverse and affordable housing options for our citizens. 

Please reach out to me if you have questions, concerns, or ideas about housing in the Pikes Peak region. Pikes Peak Housing Network is here to be your pro-housing advocate and resource, and we would love to work with others to implement this vision for our region. 


Jill Gaebler
Executive Director
Pikes Peak Housing Network

The Colorado Springs City Council will be voting on numerous housing projects in 2024. We will keep you informed on these projects as they are considered by our local leaders. Please let your representative know you support housing by contacting them. HERE is a link to find your council member. 

As a nonprofit, we rely on community support to continue providing a data-driven voice in support of affordable and attainable housing. You may support our work by donating through Colorado Gives by visiting here.

Thank you!!